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Grating Standards

Sisk Gratings, Inc. is providing the data below for information purposes only. This data was collected from NAAMM. Sisk Gratings, Inc. is a grating fabricator not a manufacturer. If you need additional data please see the links provided below, under "Resouces."

Standard Grating

NAAMM Standard Welded Type Grating W-19-4

Welded Grating

Mark 19-W-4

NAAMM Standard Pressure Locked Grating 19-P-4

Pressure_locked Grating

Mark 19-P-4

Manufacturing Tolerances

NAAMM Squareness Tolerances

Overall Dimensions & Squareness

NAAMM Cross Bar Alignment

Cross Bar Alignment & Spacing

NAAMM Cross Bar Location

Cross Bar Location

NAAMM Transverse Bow

Transverse Bow

NAAMM Bearing Bar Lean

Bearing Bar Lean

NAAMM Longitudibal Bow

Longitudinal Bow

Welding Standards - Toe Plate

Welding Standards - Banding

NAAMM Band Welding Standards

Standard Trim Band

NAAMM Band Welding Standards

Load Banding

(Must be Specified)

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